November 27, 2007

hanging in there

Well, I looked through my links and found that there are 6 bloggers still hanging on. Good for you all. I haven't had much of a chance to blog recently (like the last few months). But now I am actually blogging again. Amazing, huh?

Let's see... A lot has happened since July...
I am still adjusting to my apartment (and apartment living in general), but I think I should be getting to the end of the unpacking stage soon :) I just got a spare bed from my parents, and it is my cats new favorite place for sleeping. I still have some boxes in theat room that I've been putting off sorting through/throwing away. I'm really good at holding onto junk. I also got a couple of bookshelves so I could finally take my books out of their boxes and somewhere I can actually see them. That has helped a lot in the clearing of the junk pile. My apartment is looking more and more homey every day, or so it seems to me. Last friday I went with my dad, step-mom, brother and sister-in-law to the tree farm and got myself a christmas tree. It is now in a corner of my livingroom, and my apartment has the wonderful piney smell to it (yummy!)
Thanksgiving week was a bit crazy, but God has blessed me soo much. I don't know how or when I found time to sleep, or bake or do any of the things that I did last week, but I did, and I had a wonderful time. (I didn't even fall asleep in the car with all of the driving!) It was great to see all of my family (or most of them, some of them were not there, but I should see them at christmas...) My little cousins are growing soo fast! I requested pics of them from my aunts so I can keep batter track of them. I discovered I really have no pics of anyone around my place, and that makes me kind of sad...
Along a more personal line, I've been going through a lot of internal struggles lately. I had been slipping back into old habits and ignoring my regular devotions. Every time I came to church, I was reminded that I wasn't where I should be, and yet as soon as I got back into my car, I just went back to what I had been doing. And I hated myself for it. Then I had something of a wake-up call, when I realized that one of our sisters had left us. I thought, that could be me, and that is likely to be me, if I keep going this way. And so I picked up my bible, and I can't really discribe the peace that came to me. It was like a fair loaf to one who is hungry. There is still struggles, but now it's like my mind has cleared out again, and I can turn to God and talk to Him when the temptation strikes me. Strangely enough, I also have started keeping house better now, and enjoying it. It is actually somewhat soothing to clean. Strange, huh?

July 31, 2007

....dying blogs....

So I come on here thinking, wow, I must have soooo much to catch up on, I haven't been on here in over a month... and I find that hardly anyone else has either.... sad....

Let's see, what can I say about my life the past month.... Cornerstone was sooo fun (even with the bad experience in de-hydration the last night...) I can't wait for next year!

Let's see....

Oh, yeah. I moved. Yes. Into my very own 2 bedroom apartment. I love it, though I don't think its fully sunk in that this is my home now. It's all mine, and only mine. Maybe it will hit me one of these days... Thanks to many loving family members, I am well set-up with furniture and such things. My cat seems to be enjoying being an only cat, though I'm thinking she's going to be getting fat and lazy all by herself when I'm working and sleeping all the time, so I'm seriously considering getting a nice little kitten from the humane society as a playmate for her. The unpacking is going fairly well, though I still have a large pile of boxes waiting to get unpacked/stored away. I currently can't get into my storage area in the basement, though the lardlord has promised to open it for me soon. I am planning on having a nice girls night thing sometime soon, when I get everything settled and all.

Work is going really well. I'm getting trained in on a new position, called floor runner, which is a pretty nice job. I would actually be a backup floor runner, in case the regular one doesn't show up or some such.

Anyway, I should get home and wash some more dishes....

June 18, 2007

....signing on

yeah... so it's been about a month or so, huh? I bet your all wondering what's been going on.... or maybe not.... but if you didn't, why would you be looking at this blog in the first page? Why not just go and... umm... play some games or watch some videos or something more entertaining?

That said, things are going fairly well. My job has been great so far. I have been told that I'm a fast worker, and that if I want to go full time (since I'm now just a temp) that my lead will put in a good word for me (when I get my hours in. You have to work 520 hours before they'll consider you for full employment). They hours haven't actually been too bad so far. I have had a couple nights where I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep myself awake until the shift end, but God gives me the energy to pull through. One of my main ideas is that I am not going to start drinking caffiene just to stay awake. I don't like caffiene, and don't want to become reliant on it for my daily energy (not to say anything bad about those who need the extra boost). We did have a hardish week this week, though. We had one temp that was told not to come back (she wasn't working very dhard or some such, and she had a really bad attitude). They hired another girl, but then one of the full timers didn't come in all week (not sure if she quite or was just taking the week off...). One of the other temps quite because they wouldn't hire him full time (he had completed his 520 hours and everything). And so, on the friday night shift, we only had three operators, except that I was only working a half shift (6 hours) and one of the other guys was leaving an hour early as well. Thankfully we only had three machines running, and then one of them had to be shut down because it wasn't working right. I still feel sorry for my lead, though...

So yeah, I left early because saturday was my dear cousins wedding day. I've really been of two minds about this marriage since she first announced it, but I was very much reasured at the wedding. I still think they rushed things quite a bit, but... They both seem to have a very good understanding of the Godly responsibility that they are commiting themselves to. It was a fun wedding as well, since it was more or less ren themed (except for the blue grass music...) As a gift for the groomsmen they got them all swords (the real kind) which they wore with their costumes. My cousins brother looked very much like a pirate (especially when he started walking around later with an empty wine bottle and pretending to swig from it, then burst out with "why is all the rum gone?" ....maybe you needed to be there... I also was able to get back together with an old friend at the wedding, and we plan on hanging out again sometime.

Anyway... My dad's chemo is going pretty well so far. He still has hair :) He has actually been able to start going back to work on a limited bases, on the weeks when he doesn't take his chemo treatments. Continue to keep him in your prayers.

Aside from that, the biggest thing in my mind and plans right now is C-stone. It's almost hard to believe that we are going to be leaving in less than a week.... I'm kinda scared, really... And very excited.

Well, that's it for what's going on here I think.... Now you can go back to your games and videos, I'm sure they'll be much more entertaining anyway.

Signing off.....

May 22, 2007

The Nursery

The Nursery
One Day a man learned he was going to be a father. So he went and built a large room. In the walls he cut windows, and in the ceiling he put lights. He painted the walls and put soft carpeting in the floor. Then he built beautiful furniture and put it into the room. He made blankets and clothing. He even made toys and stuffed animals. He put them in the room he had built in the places he had made for them to go. He looked over every detail of the room, and said it was perfect. The the babies were born. He brought them into the room. He told them, "See this beautiful room, with all that is in it? I made this all for you, because I love you."

Inspired by Genesis chapter 1

May 01, 2007

well... it's update time!

I know, it's been a while since I last posted. To tell the truth, I really haven't felt like posting lately. Now I do. So, I am. Yeah.

Firstly, my dad is doing pretty well. Today he's going in for his third chemo treatment. He's still doing pretty good, though he is getting worn out, and for a few days after each treatment, food really holds no appeal to him. He is starting to loose some hair, but it hasn't started coming out in clumps or anything yet. He was able to go down to his brothers wedding last weekend, and had a good time, though he did say he was very tired out after it. I went over to celebrate my birthday with him this past week, and we had a good time. My step-mom made a really tasty pineapple upside down cake. They are both hoping dad can keep his hair at least until my brothers wedding, which is coming up really really soon! If not, Mary's all ready to go and buy him a really nice wig :)

Speacking of the wedding, I really hope that I'm going to be ready for it. My dress is in the shop right now getting fixed up, and should be done by next monday (you know, only five days before the wedding...) I have been asked to sing a duet with my uncle for the wedding as well, and since he lives about... 5 or 6 hours away, we aren't going to be able to get together to practice until the day before the wedding. Thankfully, it's a song I've known since I was 11, so it shouldn't be that bad...

Now, for what you've all been waiting for! (or maybe not...) I got a job!!!!! It's a plastice moulding job through a temp agency, and it's full time. It's 12 hour shifts (which is a lot, I know) but it's only 3 to 4 days a week. And the best part is, it won't interfere with church! (Well, I won't be able to come to work days, but other then that...) I'll be headed over there tomorrow to check out the place, and then as soon as I get everything squared away with my current job, I'll be starting. I'll even have someone to carpool with. It's soo exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! And of course, the thing that makes me the most excited, is that I can start serving in the coffeehouse and get back into the descipleship classes again! Yay!!!!! Uf... it's been a hard month...

Oh, everything is sooo exciting right now! Except maybe giving my two week notice... I'm really really not looking forward to that. I'm sure everything will work out alright though.

Wow... this summer is going to be soo... busy and wonderful and different then any summer I've had before. What with Cornerstone, working this job, and hopefully moving out, I can honestly say this summer is going to be life-changing. I guess it's time to hold on for the ride!

March 15, 2007

Cancer Update

I thought this time that I'd just let you read the e-mail that my dad sent out to the family...

Hello Everyone,

I had my visit with with Dr. Nambudiri, my oncologist today. I found out that the tumor I had was a stage 3B type 2 cancer. This means, in a nutshell, that it is a moderately aggressive cancer that may have begun to spread in my body. I will definitely will have to undergo chemotherapy since without treatment, there is a 42 percent chance of the cancer returning.

Unfortunately, it is going to be a long course of treatment. I will be taking three to four different medications, some every two weeks and another possible treatment every week One drug needs to be administered over two days every two weeks via a pump attached to my blood stream to a port which will need to be mounted in my chest. I will be having blood tests taken every week to monitor my blood count among other things to make sure I am doing OK. The whole treatment will last at least six months!

The doctor said that people react in various ways to the treatment. I will most likely be able to work in at least some capacity as long as I am not too tired or ill. Obviously, my many visits to the clinic will take one to three days a week, so that in and by itself will keep me from working full time for a while. I will not be physically restricted and the doctor said that I should try to eat well and get as much exercise as I am able to. If my immune system become suppressed, during those times I may have to avoid contact with crowds or people who are sick. This will also be monitored. I also may have trouble with nausea but the doctor said that they have good medications now that control it.

He also talked to us about a new treatment just becoming available that involves using antibodies to help fight cancer cells. This treatment has been successfully used in fighting advanced cancer and studies are now under way to determine how effective this is in fighting my type of cancer. Side effects of the treatment are mild and few. If I took part in the study, I would have a 50 percent chance of getting the antibodies and 50 percent chance without. In both cases, I would get all of the traditional and proven medications. Since the traditional treatment is not 100 percent effective, I think that I will take part in the study since it sounds like it could be very effective with little risk, but I will find more information about it before I sign up.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have x-rays of my chest and a CAT scan of the rest of me to determine if any tumors have appeared elsewhere. Next Thursday I will talk to Dr Nambudiri to discuss the results of the tests and when chemo will begin. Let's hope that another tumor has not formed. Later, I have an appointment with the surgeon to talk about what is involved with installing a port in my chest. That will most likely occur the following week. I don't yet know for sure, but chemo will probably begin the first or second week in April. There is definitely a lot of stuff to sink in!

Anyhow, I am feeling pretty good physically right now and have been walking quite a bit. There now is very little discomfort left from the surgery, so that is good! I think that I am in good spirits and I try to laugh a lot to keep the demons away. :-D

Again, thank you all so very much for your prayers and kind thoughts.


March 08, 2007

Job Hunting and Road Trips

Well, as most of you know, I'm currently looking for a second/new job. The problem is that I hate job hunting. It is the hardest thing to make myself do, and if I can find an excuse not to, I usually don't (which is the big problem here). That being said, today I am actually forcing myself to get out there and put in some applications. I've been working on a list of places (some which have been told to me by wonderful people at church). Some I'll be able to do here at home (which is soo nice), and some I'll actually have to hit the streets on. I'm going to need lots of prayers on this (not only for finding the right job, but just for getting out there to look).

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to be driving about 5 hours away to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and go to the yearly Gala put on by the group my cousins are in. I've been going now for around 6 years (pretty much since my oldest cousin joined) and this will be her last year in it. It's always a wonderful show. The the group is called Accompany of Kids. You should check out the website if you have the time, I believe they have sound clips and photos and such on there. And if it makes anyone interested, I'll be going again next year (the gala is always the first 2 weekends of March), and you're invited. My aunt likes company (as long as she knows who's coming).

*Edit: While on the job hunt, I ran across this. Enjoy!